Removing Skin Tan Naturally

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When the sun is above us, it is obvious for our skin to get burnt. The radiation, which the sun emits are extremely warm for the skin to resist. It is because the elasticity of the skin tissues that they do not melt, but the cells in the skin often get damaged. There are many side effects of the sunrays. One of the important effects is the tanning of the skin. Skin tan means the appearance of uneven skin tone because of the heat radiated by the sun. If it often seen that after taking a sun bath, the entire body gets affected by tan except the covered places. Sun tans are not harmful, but the rays of the sun are harmful. To get rid of the tan, we often use several products made by numerous companies. But these products eventually damages the skin rather than solving the problem. This article is all about the natural products that can be used for fighting with the tanning of the skin.


Cucumber extracts can be the best solution for getting rid of skin tan. The antioxidants present in this particular vegetable allow the skin to rejuvenate, and the dead cells are eradicated. You can mix some lemon juice with the juice derived from cucumber and apply it on the skin. The burnt portion of the skin is treated with the anti-inflammatory properties of cucumber. This pack must be applied on the affected portion daily, after returning from the war with the Sun.


Papaya is the producer of skin nourishing nutrients known as the papain. It is also rich in antioxidants. Among the great benefits, papaya offers are the regeneration of skin cells, purification and exfoliation of the skin. If papaya extracts are mixed with a cup of milk and applied on the tanned area, the skin tan is removed in a day or two.


Honey is an important product of nature for the moisturizing of the skin. It regulates the water content in the skin and keeps the oil levels in control. Therefore, the skin gets softer. Application of honey along with a cup of milk on the skin removes skin tan and protects the skin from the harmful solar rays.

Aloe Vera

Aloe Vera is the best healer available in nature. The gel derived from this herb can be applied on the skin for removing tan, and it also protects the skin from further tanning.

Hence, it can be seen that the above mentioned natural products can be very beneficial for fighting the problems of skin tanning. Now, with the sun over your head you do not need to worry as the nature would help you to fight the heat.

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