Age Defense Cream by Resveralife

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I believe there is nothing fair about wrinkles, and so when it comes to wrinkles, I don’t believe in playing fair.

That means when it comes to fighting and reducing the appearance of wrinkles, there is not much  I am above trying. In fact, I would probably steal, cheat, lie, and possibly even kill (depending on who it was) if there was a chance that it would result in making a wrinkle disappear – even just one, if it was a really deep one in a bad place.

Side effects are no deterrents for me, either. Irritated, peeling skin? Bring it on!  If there’s a chance it might eliminate my wrinkles, I’ll risk it.

So now you’re probably having one of two reactions. You’re either shocked at my brazenness, or you’re thinking, “Right on, sister. You’re preaching to the choir.” Either way, that’s me. When it comes to wrinkles, I have almost no boundaries.

Almost? Yes, almost. I draw the line at plastic surgery and injections. I’ve seen a few too many stiff faces to fully embrace botox and facelifts, and it’s a big financial commitment.

So, that’s me, totally immoral, but I know my way around the skincare block. There is nothing I won’t try, almost nothing I haven’t tried, and when something works, I stick with it like a monkey to a banana.

That’s why I was so happy when I tried the Resveralife Age Defense Cream.

Resveralife age defense cream

The first thing that drew me to the product was the packaging. As soon as you see the Resveralife Age Defense cream, it’s clear that this is a class act.

It comes in a sturdy white box, very understated, very simply designed, no loud colors or advertising; just the company logo and product info.

Resveralife age defense cream - key ingredients

Next came the key ingredients: retinyl palmitate, aloe vera, and green tea extract. That’s when I started to get excited.

Now, as I said before, I do know a thing or two about skincare, and I know retinol derivatives are skin care gold for wrinkles. I also know that green tea has crazy powerful antioxidants, and that there’s nothing aloe vera isn’t good for. Resveralife clearly did their homework. I was sold.

When I got it home, I found the jar to be just as elegant as the rest of the packaging, but the thing I really loved was the scent. Resveralife Age Defense doesn’t just smell good, it smells better than good; it smells expensive, and if I can’t go to the grave a rich woman, at least I can go smelling like one. I honestly probably would have continued using the cream based on its scent alone, but luckily, there was a lot more than that to recommend it.

Resveralife Age Defense has the perfect consistency for a moisturizing cream. It’s lightweight, with a milky, smooth texture, that penetrates skin completely and with no tight or sticky feel, and it delivers results immediately.

Resveralife age defense cream

As soon as I applied it, I could feel my skin soften, and the tightness in my face relax. My wrinkles became less noticeable, and the dullness I am so used to seeing in my complexion brightened visibly.

Needless to say, I was very pleased with the product’s performance, and have since continued to use it. I can honestly say, my complexion is more radiant, and my wrinkles are less obvious.

To what do I owe this sudden change in fortune? Is it because the cream has made me look so much younger, or is it because it has made my confidence level so much higher?

Who knows? But I’m not complaining.

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