How to Deal With Dry and Itchy Winter Skin

By |2020-12-08T17:08:20+00:00December 8, 2020|Skin Concerns|

Oh, yes, it’s the most wonderful time of the year... Or is it? The beautiful snow cover, the snowflakes, Christmas, New Year, and the painful sensation on your skin. Wait, what? That’s right. However delightful winter season may be, some problems many of us face come [...]

10 Seasonal Foods to Nourish Dry Skin from Within

By |2019-10-18T18:33:23+00:00October 28, 2019|Skin Concerns|

Sometimes, even the best skincare routine doesn’t do our dry skin any justice. You may often wonder why tons of hydrating or moisturizing products seem to give up on your skin. Well, we’ll let you in on a little secret: Maybe it’s your diet. What?! You [...]

Watch Out for These Skin Issues When Traveling

By |2017-12-28T04:24:01+00:00July 11, 2017|Skin Care, Skin Concerns|

Travelling can often be stressful – between tedious packing, getting to the airport on time and the gnawing worry that your luggage might get lost somewhere along the way, there’s not much room left for enthusiasm. What’s more, spending more than a couple of hours in [...]

Does Resveratrol Really Benefit Your Skin?

By |2017-12-14T10:13:58+00:00May 30, 2017|Skin Care|

You may have heard a fancy word rolling around in skin care products recently: resveratrol. It sounds complicated, but it’s gained a lot of momentum within the skincare industry because of the incredible benefits that users have experience when using it. But does resveratrol really benefit [...]

Is Your Lip Balm Doing More Harm Than Good?

By |2017-11-16T08:03:47+00:00August 25, 2015|Skin Concerns|

There’s nothing worse than having chapped lips. My lips are constantly dry, and in my determination to avoid the pain and flakiness, I’m always equipped with lip balm. However, it never seems to fully heal my dry lips, and it turns out there might be a [...]

Struggling with Dry Skin? Here’s What to Do

By |2018-01-17T11:12:23+00:00September 22, 2014|Skin Care, Skin Concerns|

Flakiness, feeling of tightness (the bad kind!), rough patches… does this sounds like something that happens to your face? We’ve got some bad news for you: you might be suffering from the dreaded dry skin syndrome. Not only is the feeling of moisture-deprived skin uncomfortable, it [...]

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