Every once in a while, our complexion needs a purge from all the toxins and irritants that are polluting your skin while you’re going about your day. And while lab-made products can assist you on this quest, sometimes it’s best to turn to Mother Nature’s very own detoxifying agents, which can be just as effective in expelling toxins and clearing your skin.

Herbs are especially beneficial when it comes to ridding your dermis of toxins. Curious about which natural herbs can help you achieve the clear, healthy look? Read on to find out!

Dandelion Root

Dandelion root is a true superstar among detoxifying herbs.

It can effectively stimulate your liver’s activity, prompting all the toxic buildup to travel further to the gallbladder.

The powerful digestive benefits of this plant can be of tremendous help for transforming and enhancing the appearance of the skin.

Another upside of introducing dandelion root into your diet and skin care is that it can help with water retention.

In real-life terms, this means dandelion root can successfully reduce puffiness and bloated skin.

Milk Thistle

Milk thistle is known to be one of the most effective natural remedies for all kinds of liver-related issues.

This is because this reddish-purple herb can successfully cleanse the liver from all kinds of toxins, including alcohol, pharmaceuticals and other pollutants that end up being absorbed by your body.

It also contributes to more balanced cholesterol levels in the blood, and can also be used to treat conditions related to kidneys.

Milk thistle is also a valuable weapon in the fight against acne, one of the most common skin care concerns.

Since it purifies the body and skin from the buildup of toxins, it can effectively reduce chances of breakouts and other types of skin irritation and contribute to a brighter, clearer appearance of your complexion. 

Milk thistle can be consumed as a supplement or brewed into a refreshing tea.


One of the most buzzed about natural ingredients when it comes to kidney health, goldenrod can be a great addition to your wellness arsenal if you’re looking for a full body detox.

This herb, which is also known as soldiago, possesses powerful diuretic properties, meaning that goldenrod has the potential to flush out all the harmful pollutants from your organs.

Furthermore, as goldenrod is also a potent anti-inflammatory agent, it can be used to sooth a wide variety or skin conditions, including swelling and irritation.

And the best of all? This herb is said to have no negative side effects on the body, so even if you have hypersensitive skin, you won’t have to fret about giving this herbal remedy a test.


We all known parsley can be a delicious addition to soups, stews and other meals, but were you aware that this tasty herb also has unmistakable body-cleansing potentials?

Namely, parsley is known as a strong diuretic, which means it can rid your kidneys of all the impurities and toxins that build up in your organs.

And that’s not where the benefits of parsley in skin care end: this green herb is loaded with vitamins and minerals that can also contribute to a healthier and more youthful-looking appearance of the skin.

When it comes to consumption, parsley can be taken raw or in form of a capsule.

For culinary purposes, this herb is extremely versatile – you can use it in smoothies, salads, soups and virtually any other savory dish.

Whenever you feel like your skin and body need a little cleanse, simply to take a fresh bunch of parsley and cut it up into your favorite dish for an extra dose of detox.


Chamomile is yet another one of those au naturelle ingredients that has incredible skin-enhancing properties.

First, it acts as a powerful anti-inflammatory agent, which means it can help in calming down and healing numerous forms of skin irritation, including rashes, eczema and others.

It also promotes accelerated healing of the skin, while all the antioxidants found in this herb help boost your immunity, protecting your dermis from damaging pollutants found in your immediate environment.

Moreover, the antioxidants found in chamomile can help minimize and blur already existing signs of maturing skin, such as fine lines and wrinkles.

Because of its anti-inflammatory properties, chamomile can also be used to treat tired, puffy eyes. Simply soak two teabags of chamomile tea into hot water, leave them to cool down, then gently place them over your under-eye area. If you want the extra cooling effect, you can also freeze chamomile tea into ice cubes, then use those to treat your dark circles.

Not only will this amazing herb help reduce the puffiness, it will also effectively brighten up the area.


When it comes to health of your skin and body, there is nothing that calendula can’t do.

Its powers are evidenced by the fact that this vibrant plant has been used for centuries in medicinal, culinary and cosmetic purposes.

Its versatile use can be in great part contributed to its amazing anti-inflammatory capabilities, which can help soothe aggravated skin, whether the issue in question is a rash, dermatitis or other.

Moreover, this herb is known for its anti-microbial properties – meaning it can effectively disinfect and calm irritated areas on the skin.

But this is not where the powers of the almighty calendula end: the powerful plant also possesses reparative abilities, i.e. it can help your skin produce new, healthy tissue at a faster pace.

Finally, calendula is chock-full of flavonoids, intense antioxidants that can be a valuable weapon in the fight against free radicals that are causing cellular damage to your skin.

Aloe Vera

It is safe to say that Aloe Vera is the ultimate go-to plant for reducing inflammation and calming the skin.

What many people don’t know is that this plant, which has been used since the ancient times for its healing powers, also possesses amazing detox abilities.

It can help improve digestive processes, assisting your body in expelling various toxins that build up in your organs over prolonged periods of time.

Aloe Vera encourages healthy bowel movement and can be of great help if you suffer from frequent constipation.

Moreover, this all-powerful plant is also rich in antioxidants, minerals and other nutrients which are essential for healthy functioning of your liver, kidneys and other organs.

And when your body is cleansed from all the damaging substances and your organs show healthy activity, your skin will quickly follow suit.

Aloe Vera can be added to water, smoothies and other concoctions. A small dose of this magic plant will gradually improve your digestion and make sure your complexion is clear and free of irritation.

Green Tea

In the natural skin care circles, green tea has definitely acquired a cult status.

This is because this nature-derived powerhouse benefits your skin and body on multiple levels.

First, due to the high levels of polyphenols known as catechins, it acts as a potent detox agent, cleansing your blood stream from toxins and reducing blood pressure and cholesterol.

Next, green tea also has immense antioxidative properties, which can help fight damage cause by free radicals, but also UV rays and other environmental pollutants.

Because it’s such a powerful antioxidant, green tea can also reverse signs of premature aging, including fine lines, wrinkles and age sports – contributing to a more balanced, radiant appearance of your complexion.

Green tea also contains high concentrations of Vitamin E and Vitamin B2, both of which are important for your skin’s collagen production. With regular consumption of green tea, you will be ensuring more volume and bounciness to your complexion.

Green tea can be consumed as a drink or even be applied topically on the skin. In fact, this herbal superstar can effectively replace your toner – simply pat freshly brewed green tea onto the skin after you’ve cleansed your face and you will instantly notice a more balanced, perfected complexion.

Red Clover

If you’re in dire need of a detox and you suffer from hypersensitive skin, then red clover might be just the ideal choice for you.

This nature-derived ingredient is famous for its soothing properties, which can be especially beneficial to individuals who are suffering from eczema and other skin conditions.

Red clover also help purify your blood stream of all the toxins that are contributing to the inflammation of the skin.

Consumption or application of red clover can also help with parched and overly-itchy skin, making it an excellent natural remedy for people whose skin tends to be on the drier side.

Red clover can be consumed in form of supplements or even applied topically as an ointment.

However, you can also go down an all-natural route and brew yourself and purifying cup of red clover tea by infusing hot water with one or two teaspoons of dried flowers from this herb. For optimal effect, leave the flowers in the water for at least half an hour.

Witch Hazel

Witch hazel is one of those skin-savers that has been used for centuries for all kinds of medicinal and dermatological issues.

The popularity of this herb as a cosmetic treatment lies in its multifold power to cleanse, de-puff and soothe the skin.

When it comes to ridding your skin of pollutants, this deciduous shrub can be incredibly potent. Due to high concentration of anti-inflammatory components found in this plant, such as flavonoids, procyanidis and resin, witch hazel can be a great tool for calming down your skin and reducing irritation.

As such, it makes an excellent addition into any skin care routine designed to fight off acne and other irritant-caused skin conditions.

Witch hazel can also be used for anti-aging purposes. It is a rich source of substance known as tannin, which has notable antioxidative capabilities.

This means that introducing with hazel into your beauty routine can help reduce symptoms of premature aging, such as sun spots, uneven skin tone and fine lines.

With hazel can also come in handy when you need to treat acute inflammatory conditions, such as sunburn, skin rash and even bruises.


This root plant has been used in Asia since the ancient time for its immense medicinal potentials.

The main component in turmeric is called curcumin, a potent antioxidant that can do a lot of good for any skin issue that involves irritation.

Cuurcumin acts as a strong anti-inflammatory component, which means it can reduce irritation and soothe the skin.

This antioxidant is also helpful in the fight against free radicals, which cause degenerative damage to the cells.

As a result, regular consumption of turmeric can expel toxins from your skin and body, reduce inflammation and slow signs of premature aging all in one.

Turmeric can be added to all kinds of meals, including curries and salads. You can also mix it up with a couple of slices of ginger and hot water for a delicious detox tea.

And with this, we wrap up our list of all the herbal goodies you can start treating your skin with as soon as today. Thanks to their powerful purifying properties, these nature-derived ingredients will be sure to cleanse, soothe and rejuvenate your skin.


Lavender is a herb we most commonly associate with anti-stress and relaxation, but did you know that this therapeutic plant also has amazing detoxifying properties?

That’s right, not only will lavender set your mind at ease, it will also help you body expel all the harmful buildup that is causing your skin too look lackluster.

Is can especially be useful for the skin on your body, as it will both soothe it and help your muscles relax from all the tension you amass during the day.

An easy idea on how to incorporate lavender into your skin care is to use a couple of drops of lavender essential oils into your bath.

The aromatic scent will calm your senses, while the detoxifying properties will purify your dermis and leave your skin smooth and supple.