8 Skincare Ingredients That Will Be Trending in 2019

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By now, most of us probably have our own skincare regimen and have stuck to it for quite some time already. But, it is nearly 2019, and this is the perfect time to explore and discover new things, veer away from the mainstream and set new trends for the next year.

Listed below are some of the most notable skincare ingredient trends that you should look out for in 2019. Some of these you have not heard of, some you are quite familiar with but not for its skincare purposes, and some are the trends that we should re-visit. 

Mind that comprehensive research was made to come up with this so expect a lot of facts and details about these ingredients. So, here it is!  Out of all the emerging trends here are the ones that stood out:

1. Chamomile

A lot of people love chamomile tea. It is the perfect drink to unwind and de-stress especially in snuggly weather. But, chamomile oil extract is not only used to soothe the nerves it can also be perfect in soothing your skin. 

Origins of Chamomile

When we hear about chamomile, we always think of a tea party in England. However, chamomile is a rotatable ancient medicinal herb widely documented in pre-historic times. 

It dates back in ancient Egypt where it was considered as a gift from the Sun God Ra. Oils from the chamomile plant are used for thousands of years to embalm pharaohs and other nobles in Egypt.

The Greeks and Romans also used chamomile for medicine. Ancient records show practices of the use of chamomile to treat stomach aches, nausea, and vomiting.  It was also a popular incense due to its therapeutic scent that relaxes and calms the nerves. 

Not Just For Tea!

Chamomile has many chemical compounds that are proven effective to reduce skin irritation and inflammation. Research has shown that these compounds individually have their anti-inflammatory powers that heal the skin. Some of these are Apigenin, Bisabol, and Chamazulene.

Therefore, chamomile is perfect to cure acne and get rid of those annoying bumps in the face. You can consider it a double stress remover, chamomile tea for nerves and chamomile oils to take away your worries from skin irritation and blemishes. 

2. Plant Stem Cells

Stem cell therapy is not very new. It is tested and proven to have powerful healing effects for cancer, and it also gives you a youthful, glowing skin. But the problem with this is that it is crazy expensive (amounting up to $25,000 or more)! Of course, if your goal is to be younger looking and not to get well from a serious disease, alternatives are available that are comparable to the skin effects of stem cell therapy. 

How It Is Made

Just like humans, plant stem cells are undifferentiated cells that can divide and produce similar stem cells or specialized cells. You can extract them from many plants like apples, cranberries, and some flowering plants. These plant stem cells are added to the skincare cream, then, after their properties are broken up, the high concentrations of antioxidants and anti-aging factors are released. 

Each plant has different effects. Grapes, for example, has anti-tumor and wound healing properties. Grapes also have photoprotective properties that can act as sunscreens. Grape seed extracts protect the skin from UVA and UVB damage.

Stem cellular products can range from capsules to beauty bars. Usually, these are the ones that have firming collagen booster properties. So be sure to look for it in the label. These products are available in your local stores, and sure enough, you will not spend thousands of dollars on it. 

3. Kigelia 

This ingredient is probably one that is the most intriguing because not a lot of people know Kigelia only after recently. 

Kigelia fruit and flower growing on a tree

Kigelia Africana is a sausage-shaped fruit from Kigelia trees found in West, Central, and South Africa. Its fruit extract has clarifying formulas that help reduce and prevent excess oil, skin congestion, and blemishes. Kigelia also has anti-aging properties which prevent the forming of fine lines, wrinkles and sagging. 

Healing Effects

Traditional healers used Kigelia in the regions of Africa because of its medicinal properties. Initially, they used it as a remedy for psoriasis, eczema and fungal infections due to its anti-bacterial and anti-inflammatory properties. 

Along with other skin-friendly compounds, steroids and flavonoids are two of the core properties of Kigelia. Combined these two combats aging and blemishes by tightening the skin and detoxifying pores to heal and prevent blemishes.

Components and How It Works

Kigelia steroids have steroidal saponins that improve the elasticity of the skin and so tightens it preventing sagging and fine lines. Flavonoids, on the other hand, has polyphenols that are known for their antioxidant benefits which are crucial to repelling free radicals. 

So far, Kigelia may seem to hit two birds with one stone (anti-aging and acne) but, there’s more! Kigelia also prevents and aids cancer as well. Studies have shown that the fruit extract has a DNA-repairing power that is now used to avoid skin cancer. 

Kigelia Africana is genuinely a wonder fruit that is super-versatile, a total package! But how can we get our hands on it? Not to worry, you don’t have to travel all the way to Africa and go tree-picking. There are a lot of skincare products that are infused with kigelia fruit extracts in the market that is up for grabs.

4. Torche V2 

All hail those brilliant minds that continue to innovate and makes devices compact! You can say goodbye to frequent trips to the dermatologist because the Torche V2 is a handy non-surgical device that gets rid of aging marks in an instant!

It uses LED infrared technology that stimulates cellular activity rejuvenating skin in a matter of seconds. LEDs also boost production of collagen because it penetrates deep within the skin and helps with a cellular takeover. 

What Do LEDs Do Exactly to My Skin?

For those who do not know (or keep forgetting),  LED stands for Light Emitting Diode. The  Torche V2 emits distinct wavelengths heating the inner layer of the skin. This process triggers cellular activities that heal and rejuvenates the skin from the inside out. 

Unlike the more popular UV rays from the sun, the LED red-light therapy of Torche V2 light energy that is strong enough to ionize skin cells but gentle enough not to alter them. 

Important Note!

Since this technology is relatively new, make sure to mindful of the Torche V2 that you are going to buy. Remember that you are dealing with your skin, you do not want to have any accidents in the process.

When making a purchase make sure you do your research first and figure out reliable brands. I am not going to lie, the Torche V2 is a bit pricey so do not be lured by the cheaper rip-offs of the product. 

5. Avocado Oil

Avocado oil is not just great for food because of its essential fatty acids, vitamins, and minerals. It also has healing properties that can soothe bruises and moisturize skin. 

Halved avocado and oil in a small jar

Avocado Oil According to Experts

Avocado oil has lecithin, beta-carotene, and vitamins A, E, D  which can replenish and moisturize your skin. Furthermore, components in the avocado oil can speed up the healing of wounds. 

Avocado oil can also be combined with other products to produce better effects for your skin. There are skin cream products that contain a combination of avocado oil, tea tree, and jojoba oils that have antimicrobial effects. 

Bringing Back DIYs

Although many products contain avocado components, you can easily may a DIY if you prefer a more natural product. You can use avocados to make lotions, beauty bars, and even a moisturizing cream. Although doing avocado DIYs is not very new to the beauty community, It is definitely a trend that should be reinstated.

Most of us do not have the time to do DIYs because we think it takes too much effort to prepare, but there are actually super easy ways to make an effective avocado mix for your skin.

6. Kukui Nut Oil

The Kukui, Hawaii’s state tree is the source of the kukui nuts which has been a medical marvel to the locals of Hawaii for centuries. Originally, the kukui nut oil is used by the indigenous people of Hawaii for various religious ceremonies, candle making, and to make paint. 

Soon enough, they discovered its superb effects on the skin, and thus it became a favorite ingredient for topical products for skin, hair and soothing joint pains. 

Effects to Skin, Hair, and Injuries

Its properties penetrate deeply into your skin aiding in: 

  • preventing the formation of wrinkles, 
  • keeping you from having crow’s feet, 
  • helping with light bruises, and 
  • lessening the visibility of stretch marks.

Kukui Oils can also be a perfect remedy for dry hair and hair fall. It has linoleic and linolenic fatty acids that prevent breakage. These acids also coat the hair for extra moisture giving it a glowing luster look. 

Kukui nut oil is also an effective analgesic. It is a recommended alternative remedy to lessen chronic pain from injuries. This oil can also soothe burns because it has pain receptors that numb inflamed areas. 

7. Rosehip Oil

In rose bushes, you may notice small spherical fruit after the roses die. These are called rose hips or the fruit of roses. Just like most of the ingredients mentioned, rosehips have many medical benefits.

These small edible fruits are extremely rich in vitamin C and have essential fatty acids such as oleic acid, palmitic acid, and gamma-linolenic acid. 

Another ‘Total Package’ Ingredient

Rosehip oil contains vitamin C that boosts the production of collagen, it also contains vitamin A that protects skin from sun damage, reduces wrinkles and treats acne. Just like the kukui oil, it is known to reduce the appearance of stretch marks and scars.

The rosehip oil was also found out to treat osteoarthritis, because of its polyphenols and anthocyanin components that soothe joint pain. Also, this can be an alternative for those who have allergic reactions to pain relievers.

Although this ingredient is not a very common ingredient to beauty products, some people use pure rosehip oil. However, before using the rosehip oil, it is best to talk to your physician because dosage varies according to the needs of the users.

8. Precious Gemstones

Of course, save the best one for last! What else can make you feel like royalty than treating your skin with gems and crystals?  This new trend certainly sets high standards in the beauty industry. With this kind of innovation, your skin will be glowing from literal rubies, sapphires, and diamonds.

Holding up a pink gemstone against the sunset

Crystal Healing

Gemstones have been used in the eastern continents in healing rituals for centuries. Ancient healers claim that these have significant amounts of internal energies that can strengthen the mind and the body. 

It is a known fact that the human by is made up of 60 percent water. These liquids become unstable from time to time; gemstones as being solid create steady vibrations that maintain the balance of the body, thus, having a profound effect to help the healthy flow of bodily processes. 

Bright as Diamonds White as Pearls

Being one of the most expensive and famous jewels, you will swoon to know that there are products infused with actual diamonds. These are said to be great exfoliators and skin rejuvenators. Diamonds also help regenerate cells, and so combats aging.

Pearls, another popular precious stone, have high levels of beautifying minerals such as iron, zinc, calcium, and magnesium. It can be used both as internal and topical remedies for inflammation, and rosacea. Pearls can also improve the elasticity of the skin strengthening the internal structure of cells making the skin softer and more luminous. 

Precious stone infusion with beauty product is climbing up to the mainstream. There are a variety of other jewels that are being used such as amber, sapphire, onyx, and opal. There are beauty brands that offer these luxurious products, but a personal favorite is Lionesse because they have been specializing in this technology for a long time.

So, there it is! Happy holidays, beautiful people, and be kind to your skin!

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