Thinking of quitting your skincare routine?

We know. It may seem wiser to just forgo your skincare routine because you may feel that there are more pressing issues to deal with. The sickness and the mortality are stressing all of us out.

However, adding breakouts and dry skin to the mix will stress you out even more, and this is exactly what will happen when you skip your skincare habit. Also, amid these tiring times, one of the best things that you can do is to keep yourself emotionally, mentally, and physically healthy. That includes your skin too!

But, before we share our easy quarantine skincare routine, let’s talk about a few expert-backed reasons on why it is necessary to take care of your skin now!

Why You Need A Skin Care Routine During This Pandemic

Woman in front of mirror applying face cream

Health and skin experts agree that it’s important to care for your skin while in quarantine. Here’s why:

Less Exposure to the Sun’s Rays

In a way, less sun exposure is great for the skin. However, according to research, our skin produces vitamin D from cholesterol when the sunlight’s ultraviolet B or UVB rays hits the skin. However, due to the quarantine, we get lesser exposure to these needed sun rays. Lack of vitamin D causes harm to both our skin and bones, causing premature skin aging and bone diseases.

Dry Skin Due to Frequent Handwashing and Alcohol Use

Frequent handwashing and alcohol use help us stay healthy and protected, but they are not that good for our skin. The chemicals in the soap and rubbing alcohol we use tend to dry the skin. Research shows that frequent use of rubbing alcohol can also result in contact dermatitis in some people.

Increased Mental and Emotional stress

Did you know that stress can cause skin problems? Studies show that stress triggers acne, dermatitis, and itch and may aggravate pre-existing skin conditions like psoriasis and alopecia areata. So, you need to do something to combat the stress that you feel—a proper skincare routine!

What You Shouldn’t Do to Your Skin This Quarantine

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Before we finally dive in and share our easy 8-step skin routine, here’s a quick reminder of what not to do while we’re in lockdown. The following are some skincare don’ts that you may be tempted to try at home:

  • Extractions
  • Chemical Peels
  • Too much hot showers
  • Using body creams on your face
  • Use expired products

The rule of thumb is to leave the expert’s job to the expert’s hands and to only use facial creams on your face. And of course, what has already expired shouldn’t be used again.

Easy 8-Step Skin Care Routine

By now, you should know that you really need to follow a skincare routine even when you’re in quarantine. So, don’t worry; we got you! Here is an easy 8-step skincare routine that you can do in the comforts of your home. We’re also sharing some alternatives to common skincare products that you use!

1) Cleanser

Wash your hands first before doing step one — cleansing.

Since you have a lot of time in your hands, take your time cleansing your face, about one minute will do. After, you may use a hot washcloth and put it over your face. The steam from this towel will deep clean your face and open your pores, allowing your skin to absorb serums and moisturizers quickly.

And if you have honey at home, then you’re in luck! It has anti-bacterial and anti-inflammatory properties that nourish the skin and suits all skin types, even the most sensitive ones. Take about half a teaspoon of honey and massage it on your face, the same way you use a soap-based cleanser. Then washed it with warm water.

A quick note, we don’t recommend buying new cleansing products during the quarantine. Stick with what you already use and avoid a sudden need for a dermatologist. Also, refrain from using hot water on your face. Stick to warm water to help open your pores.

2) Exfoliation

Wet hands holding sugar

This step should be done sparingly, about once to twice a week and preferably in the morning. Exfoliating is done to remove the layer of dead skin on your skin. It also unclogs your pores and uncovers the healthy cells below. Exfoliating also lets the products penetrate deeper into your skin. Just remember to be gentle when you scrub your face to avoid micro rips on your skin.

If you don’t have an exfoliant at home, here’s the best alternative: sugar! Go all-natural by mixing sugar with other natural ingredients available in your home like coconut oil or honey.

Remember, though, that too much exfoliating can disturb your skin’s acid mantle as well. Because scrubbing your face with exfoliants rids your face of both the good and bad bacteria, excessively doing it may result in skin problems.

3) Toner

Toners remove excess dirt and oil on your skin. It also balances your skin’s pH. It is an excellent addition to the skincare routine of people with oily skin as it unclogs pores, which helps control acne.

Always opt for alcohol-free toners as alcohol can dry and damage your skin. Damp a cotton ball with toner and pat it on your face. Alternatively, you may use your palms to apply toner, just make sure that you washed your hand before you do it. Let it dry, then move on to the next skincare step.

As an alternative, you can use green tea as a toner. Soak two to three tea bags in hot water, then set it aside to cool. Use cotton balls to apply the cooled tea on your cheeks, forehead, nose, and chin. Leave the cotton on your skin for five to ten minutes. Then remove them and continue to the next step in our routine.

4) Face Masks

Face masks target specific skin care problems like oily or dry skin. And contrary to what you are used to doing, ergo relying on your BFF’s face mask rave, what you should use depends on your skin problem and type.

Besides choosing the wrong mask, here are other things that you may be doing wrong while putting on a face mask:

  • Putting it on with dirty hands
  • Using too much (for clay and cream masks)
  • Using masks that don’t fit
  • Leaving it on for longer than recommended

How you apply face masks depends on the type you use. But what you need to remember is a mask that needs to be rinsed must be put directly after cleansing and before putting skincare products on your skin.

5) Serum

Serum dropper on fingertip

Serums are lightweight moisturizers that can penetrate your skin deeper than the traditional moisturizer. Because they are stripped of heavier ingredients, like mineral oil and petroleum, they have higher proportions of active ingredients that significantly benefit your skin.

Still not sure that using a serum is for you? Then, let us introduce you to its wonders.

  • The active ingredients in serums bring out the antioxidants in your skin, promoting cell growth.
  • Some serums have anti-inflammatory ingredients that prevent cell damage and neutralize skin damage.
  • They also have hydrants like amino acids and essential fatty acids that fortify the skin’s barrier, improving skin moisture and protecting the skin from dryness and fine lines.

We can’t offer any DIY hacks for serums, so you need to invest in one that suits your skin. Although they may be a bit pricey, it can be well worth its price. The correct serum for you will depend on what your primary skincare concern is. Is it aging skin or dry skin? Take note, though, that serums are lightweight moisturizers; they still need to be used alongside heavier moisturizers.

6) Eye Cream

The skin around your eyes dries quickly. It is also more delicate than the other parts of your face. And as tempting it is to just use your usual moisturizers, you shouldn’t. Skin experts say that you must invest in eye creams, for they are specially formulated to address skin concerns around your eyes. They may have the same ingredients as your usual face cream, but they are milder to suit your skin’s sensitivity.

But what if you don’t have eye cream?

Use cucumbers! This excellent fruit is 96% water, making it an excellent moisturizer for your tired skin. Simply put two pieces of cucumber peel on your tired eyes, lie back and let it do its wonders. Experience less puffy, more hydrated eyes at low cost!

7) Moisturizer

As a rule, never ever forget to moisturize your skin. This is a critical part of your skincare routine because it will lock in all the products that you applied before it. It also boosts your skin’s hydration, preventing flakiness and dullness. 

However, like exfoliating, moisturizing too much can cause problems for your skin. Here’s why: Overuse of moisturizing products can result in oilier skin, which can eventually result in breakouts. So, although it is recommended that you moisturize every day, do it in proper amounts.

Another trick to applying moisturizer is doing it in upward strokes. This technique increases circulation on your face, minimizes puffiness, and makes your skin absorb the moisturizer better. Also, never forget to put moisturizer on your neck too. Lastly, now, more than ever, don’t forget to moisturize your hands after using rubbing alcohol or soaps to avoid dry skin on your hands.

8) Sun Block

Our final step! Sunscreen. Don’t skip this step even though you’re only staying at home. Dermatologists explain that UV rays still reach you through the windows, hence the need for sunblock. As a rule, put it on skin not covered by your clothes, including your face and neck. Skipping on your sunscreen can cause dark spots, wrinkles, and textured skin; it can also increase your risk for skin cancer.

Experts suggest that you follow the same rules about sunscreen when outside, when you are at home, especially when you like to stay near the windows. Reapply it once every couple of hours and opt for a broad-spectrum sunscreen.

Extra Quarantine Skincare Tips

Dry brush on leg

If you think it’s over, we actually have more tips for you! Here are some extra quarantine skincare tips that you can easily do at home.

Facial Massage

You may be stuck in your house and not allowed to go to the spa, but you can still be pampered in the comforts of your home. Incorporate facial massage in your skincare routine and get rid of puffiness. Take note, though, that even though massaging your face can bring wonders, it still cannot answer all your skin problems. So, don’t skip out of your skincare routine even in quarantine.

Dry Brush

Another skincare habit that you can try to incorporate in your routine while in quarantine is dry brushing. Use a natural bristled brush and scrub your skin in a circular motion, from your limbs to your neck. Doctors have shared the benefits of doing this to your skin, which includes increased blood circulation and unclogged pores.


Another tip that we should all be doing even before the quarantine is having enough sleep. Lack of sleep can cause swollen eyes with dark undereye circles, wrinkles and fine lines, and paler skin. And continuously subjecting yourself to less snooze can do permanent damage to your skin. It has already been proven that seven to nine hours of sleep combined with a good skincare routine will do wonders for you!


Our last extra tip is a healthy diet. It may be tempting to binge on sweets and junk foods while watching Netflix, but that can put a toll on your skin. After all, evidence of what you consume comes out of your skin. Avoid or at least decrease your intake of these foods at all costs and reap the benefits of a healthy diet and a good skin regimen during this quarantine.

Follow these skincare tips and let your skin shine brightly while in quarantine. Taking care of yourself will also go a long way in keeping yourself emotionally and mentally healthy amid this pandemic. So, be safe, stay healthy, and have acne-free skin at home!