The best thing about living in this era is that there are so many beauty innovations for almost every need. Nowadays, looking your best is easy if you have a few dollars to spare for face cream and lotion. Women can look sun-kissed golden today and then ghostly pale tomorrow regardless of the season. Some women don’t even look like themselves anymore because of all the beauty products they pile on their faces.

scar cream

Among all of the beauty products in the market these days, few of them have practical uses. One product I’m thanking the heavens for is CELSUS Skin Care Scar Cream. This cream is meant to get rid of all kinds of scars in the body, pimple scars included.

I had less than perfect skin back in my teenage years and it left me scarred both physically and emotionally. Not so much on the emotional aspect, though. I’ve moved on and I’m feeling fabulous. However, the pimple scars they left on my face made me develop an addiction to heavy foundation and makeup. I felt naked going out without anything to cover up the evidence of my unglam teenage skin. I also experience breakouts before that time of the month, which contributes to my skin’s growing collection of dark spots.

scar cream

CELSUS Skin Care Scar Cream effectively got rid of most of my scars and dark spots. When I first got it, I thought it was a lot of hard work since you have to massage the cream onto your face several times a day, and then one more time before bedtime. Before getting this cream, there were days when I couldn’t even wash my face before going to bed. I’d just take off my shoes and head straight to dreamland. When I got this, I made sure to follow the instructions carefully, as I was a bit scared that it might trigger adverse reactions on my sensitive skin.

It took about a month before I saw results on my dark spots and flat scars. I still have a few pits on my face as this doesn’t work for them, but the general condition and look of my skin is better. It has even become softer than before. I’m not sure if it’s also because of the cream or if it’s because I’m exerting extra effort in taking care of it now. Either way, CELSUS Skin Care Scar Cream did what it was supposed to do.