Resveratrol has been a huge skincare buzzword lately. It’s a potent antioxidant that comes from certain fruits and plants, including red grapes and blueberries. In terms of the skin, resveratrol is revered for how it can help with the appearance of everything from wrinkles to dark spots to dryness, making it a multi-tasker that so many people are now seeking out.

In my quest to add this superstar ingredient to my skincare routine, I discovered Vine Vera. This skincare brand is all about resveratrol – it’s used in every single product. Reviews for the brand are great, so I decided to go all in and put together a new skincare routine consisting solely of Vine Vera products.

Cleansing With the Resveratrol Cabernet Mousse Cleanser

Mousse and Toner

Vine Vera has a couple of cleansers to choose from, but I went with the Resveratrol Cabernet Mousse Cleanser because it sounded perfect for my dry skin. Unlike many of the other cleansers out there, this one doesn’t contain any harmful or drying cleansing agents. Instead, its surfactants are derived from coconuts, making them gentle and moisturizing. This cleanser is also loaded with amino acids, which is great for anyone struggling with dryness or sensitivities. 

If cleansing is something that has always felt like a bit of a chore, this cleanser will change that. I’ve genuinely never enjoyed cleansing this much! It feels so much more indulgent – like I’m pampering my skin rather than doing something as a means to an end.

Hydrating With the Resveratrol Cabernet Toner


I’ve never been a toner fan but Vine Vera’s Resveratrol Cabernet Toner sounded promising. Not only would it add an extra layer of resveratrol to my skincare routine, but it also contains several hydrating ingredients that I knew my skin would love. 

The only ingredient that had me worried was the witch hazel leaf extract. It’s known for rebalancing how oily the skin feels. Since dry skin needs all of the oil that it can get, it’s not usually a favored ingredient. The exception is when witch hazel is added to an otherwise hydrating formula, which is the case here. As a result, rather than drying my skin out, this toner always leaves it feeling beautifully soft and bouncy. It also gives my skin a radiance that I don’t see if I exclude this toner from my routine. 

Correcting With the Resveratrol Chianti Revival Serum

Chianti Revival Serum

If you’ve been battling with any visible skin concerns, a serum is your best bet for getting the job done. With my complexion’s nemesis being discoloration and dullness, the Vine Vera Resveratrol Chianti Revival Serum was my weapon of choice. 

A quick glance at its ingredient list and I was sold – there are so many powerful and proven compounds in this silky blend. Between kojic acid, licorice root extract, green tea extract, resveratrol, and vitamin C, I knew that my dark spots had no chance! And I was right – six weeks down the line and they’re already looking significantly lighter. However, that’s not all…

This serum is also packed with peptides and hydrating humectants. My skin always feels smoother and plumper after I’ve used it, with these effects lasting for hours!

Moisturizing With the Resveratrol Vitamin C Moisturizer 


The final step of my Vine Vera skincare routine is to moisturize. For this, I chose the Resveratrol Vitamin C Moisturizer. Why? Because, in addition to resveratrol, vitamin C is another ingredient that I’m obsessed with. Plus, vitamin C and resveratrol are the perfect duo. They support each other in a way that enhances the visible results that they each provide.

The main moisturizing ingredients in this cream are shea butter and vitamin E. This pairing is an unstoppable force when it comes to countering the feeling of dryness. Shea butter, in particular, is brimming with fatty acids that immediately leave the skin feeling more supple.

Of course, in true Vine Vera fashion, this cream also contains several ingredients capable of deeply transforming the complexion when used daily. Resveratrol, vitamin C, gotu kola extract, white tea extract, and beta glucan can all be found in this moisturizer, giving you a cream that will leave your skin looking younger and healthier all around. 

Pampering With the Resveratrol Pinot Noir Phyto-Silk Mask

Pinot Noir Phyto Silk Mask

While the above Vine Vera products form my daily skincare routine, I also treated myself to the Resveratrol Pinot Noir Phyto-Silk Mask to give my skin a weekly pamper. It appealed to me because it’s a leave-on formula, which dry skin always appreciates!

I always look forward to using this mask. The way in which the cream transforms into water droplets that then sink into the skin feels almost magical. The fact that those droplets are taking with them a long list of botanical extracts is just icing on the cake! Pomegranate, goji, mangosteen, noni, bilberry – it’s like a superfruit smoothie for your skin. 

I usually use this mask at night and my skin always glows the next day. It looks as though I’ve had a professional facial – you can’t argue with those results!

Vine Vera’s Antioxidant-Rich Skincare

Ask any dermatologist and they’ll agree that antioxidants are key when it comes to keeping the skin looking firm, bright, and youthful. Antioxidants will halt the appearance of damage and aging, giving you the chance to finally work on the visible skin concerns that have been getting the better of you. 

And, when it comes to antioxidant-rich skincare, Vine Vera reigns supreme. Each formula that I used was chock-full of these potent compounds. There have been some definite improvements in my complexion as a result, in a few different ways. My fine lines and dark spots look lighter while my face just looks brighter and healthier overall. I never expected to see such a difference in my skin – Vine Vera is a brand that has most certainly earned my loyalty!