Skin and Hair Benefits of Beetroot

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Vegetables that grow underground are considered to be more nutritious that those grow on the trees. The reason is that the roots of these plants absorb maximum nutrients from the soil and, therefore, the nutrient content of these vegetables are rich. One such vegetable that grows under the ground is the beetroot. The researchers have found that this particular vegetable is a great source of several nutrients that are very beneficial for our skin and hair. They keep our skin protected from various infections and maintain the healthy growth of our hair. Let us find out more about the benefits offered by beetroots.

Prevents Damage of Skin Cells

The beetroots are the rich source of betalain, which is a pigment. Betalain is an antioxidant that prevents damage of the skin cells. It also boosts up cell regeneration. Therefore, dead cells are eradicated, giving the chance for the new cells to be born.

Prevents Skin Cancer

The betacyanin present in the beetroots protects the skin from cancer by reducing the chances of generation of the cancerous cells. Consumption of beetroots also prevents skin diseases.

Signs of Aging are Avoided

The toxins are cleared from our blood by the nutrients present in the beetroots. It also prevents the aging of the skin. Hence, our skin stays healthy and young.

Gives a Pinkish Complexion

If beetroot juice is regularly consumed, the blood is purified. This results in our complexion to appear pinkish. Thus, the glow of our skin is improved.

In the next part of the article, we would find out the benefits that our hair can get from the beetroots.

Hair becomes Thick and Shiny

Beetroots are rich in carotenoids, which allow the hair to grow strong and shinier. The circulation of blood is boosted to the root of our hair. As a result, the hair becomes thick.

Prevention of Itchy Scalp

Due to the high contents of water in the beetroots, the scalp is moisturized, and dryness of the hair is avoided. In turn, the itchiness of the scalp is prevented which means that you can go out in the sun, when you want.

The benefits derived from the beetroots are easily noticeable. Protect your skin from diseases and improve your overall health.

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