If you look around at the beauty counter in your local cosmetics store or skin care department, you will notice that there are many more oils in the shelves as compared to a few years ago. That is right, these days, people are more open to using oils on their skins whether to cleanse or to nourish because they are highly convenient and offer some truly outstanding results.

In the world of oils for skin care, there are some very well-known super stars such as argan oil, emu oil, and even extra virgin coconut oil. However, there is one fast-rising star and it is the tsubaki oil. This tsubaki oil has loads of benefits for the skin and is really simple to use.

tsubaki oil

What is Tsubaki Oil?

Tsubaki oil is one of the best kept secrets of Japanese skin care and is slowly but surely making its way to the US market. This oil, also known as Camellia Japonica oil is what Japanese women use to gain their nearly poreless glowing skin that is free from blemishes. Not only do ordinary Japanese women use this oil but also geishas as well, and it is common knowledge that those women are vaunted for their flawless skin and outstanding beauty. Aside from using it on their skin, they also use it for their hair.

Benefits of Tsubaki Oil

This oil has a rich feel to it, a lot like grapeseed oil and olive oil; it doesn’t have that dry oil feel and is very luxurious. This oil is said to contain vitamins A, C, E – basically all the vitamins you need for clear, supple, and glowing skin. However, the benefits do not stop there because it is said that this oil contains sunblock properties as well as antioxidants that protect the skin from inflammation and the ravages of free radicals. The use of tsubaki oil can help get rid of fine lines and wrinkles as well as get rid of dark spots.

tsubaki oil

Really, a little goes a long way with this oil and a drop or two is all you need for the face and another drop or two to condition hair or tame frizz.