The Use of Gold in Skin Care History

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Gold has long been known as a luxurious metal used in jewelry. While it’s a gorgeous precious metal to create stunning jewelry designs, it’s also been used in skin care throughout history. WHAT?! It really has! The use of gold in skin care history is pretty predominant, and since it’s been gaining a lot of popularity in facials and skin care masks we thought we’d take you down memory lane to share some of the history behind gold in skin care.

Gold in skin care is definitely not anything new, in fact it goes back to Ancient Egypt in usage. Yes, those Ancient Egyptians were way ahead of their time–weren’t they? The wealth during this time would use gold to achieve a flawless complexion and fight signs of aging. In fact, Cleopatra herself would use gold regularly in her skin care routine–especially focusing on using a gold mask daily. It wasn’t just being used in Egypt, though. Gold was used for skin care benefits in Asian countries as well, and still is today. The difference is said to be that Asian cultures believed in consuming gold internally to reap the benefits for the skin. Similar to the Ancient Egyptians, Asian cultures believe that gold for skin helps to prevent signs of aging and to develop a more flawless complexion. All that being said, we’re not all that surprised to see the rise in gold being used in skin care today. With face masks and different gold infused treatments–it seems we’re taking some notes from Cleopatra herself.

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