For folks who want to use one essential oil, and then lavender oil is the one to go. Lavender or Lavandula angustifolia is one of the most versatile essential oil known to human beings. It serves up several benefits! It has a relaxing and calming fragrance, and a bottle of it is something that everyone should keep in their homes.

It serves up numerous skin benefits also. Here, the quest of our segment is to explore those skin benefits.

Helps fight skin infections

Many experts are in awe of the therapeutic which lavender oil renders to the skin. It is excellent in healing the skin and keeping all the probable skin complications at bay! This oil has numerous components that help provide relief from skin irritations and provide instant relief from it.

Cures ringworms

Ringworms are something that happens to many people, especially in the summer season. But lavender oil helps eliminate it in no time at all. Just a few drops over the affected area will eliminate ringworms in just a few days. It is a wonderful natural therapy for treating ringworms and the best thing about it is that it contains no such harmful chemicals.

Treats acne and pimples:

We know that acne and pimples caused due to bacteria and skin oils. We also know that it is something that affects people quite regularly. But there is no need to fear as lavender oil has several anti-bacterial and anti-septic components which eliminate acne or pimple problems in a jiffy! It is suitable for all sorts of skin and on applying it on the pimple or acne region will solve the problem in just a few days.

Takes care of cuts, insect bites, burns and other skin blemishes:

Lavender oil is a natural essential oil that works magic on all sorts of skin surfaces. It has several therapeutic characteristics that work quickly on the minor cuts or bruises. It brings instant relief and cures them effectively. It is also very good for treating skin rashes and skin dryness which take place. It even takes care of Eczema and dermatitis and renders immediate relief to those affected regions.

If you’re looking to use a natural product for skin care, go for lavendar.¬†It takes care of numerous skin issues, and the best thing about it is that it is not very expensive.