How do you take care of your skin? For those who love fruits, here is something they should know – eating fruits can help you in skin care and even fight skin cancer. There are certain fruits can help prevent skin cancer.

A recent study suggests that skin cancer is rising quickly than other form of tumours. Experts have suggested that rather than employing chemical products or sunscreen on the body, one should go for natural or whole food sources as they are known to have a different effect on skin cancer.

One of the best as well as easiest ways to prevent this skin tumour is by consuming fruits. Yes, folks, fruits are said to contain numerous skin benefiting elements which not just nourishes the skin from within, but also make way for preventing such harmful hazards from damaging the skin. In this segment we are going to discuss some important points about how fruits prevent skin cancer; so, follow closely!

Rich source of minerals and vitamins:

Fruits have tons of benefiting components such as vitamin C and vitamin E which seem to treat these tumours and also reduces the possibilities of re-occurring. Experts on account of their extensive research have also reached a conclusion that skin cancer is cured by food that has high concentrations of antioxidants, vitamins and also phytonutrients. Citrus fruits such as orange comprise of quercetin that is another component that works for the treatment of skin cancer.

Another fruit that one can eat to fight skin cancer is berries. They have rich proportions of anti-oxidants. In fact the price they are available at and the concentration of antioxidants in comprises, it is a clear winner. One should consume them each day to be safe from this skin tumour.

Apart from that people can also opt for bananas, pomegranate, grapes and apples. These fruits are very popular in treating numerous skin problems and so, in this case also it would prove to be very beneficial. Each of these fruits comprises of tons of vitamins and minerals which either eating directly or using it on paste would do wonder to the skin and prevent this hazardous problem from talking surface.

Go for products that have natural fruit extracts:

However, experts have suggested that applying it directly on the skin surface would prove to be more beneficial as the minerals would work on it more effectively. There are many skin products that contain natural fruit extracts for fighting skin cancer. One can tend to them also.

Eating these fruits has its own advantages. While it helps you be healthier, it also takes care of your skin.