The stress of modern life and the increasingly polluted surroundings influence all aspects of our health – both mental and physical.

However, the one standing on the front lines of this everyday battle is, of course, our skin.

It takes everything in – UV radiation, pollution, stress…

Our poor dietary choices caused by the lack of time to prepare a proper, healthy meal also influence our biggest organ, causing it to age faster, clogging pores, and thus making it prone to acne and other imperfections.

Oh, if only there were a magical solution…

Wouldn’t it be simply divine if we could magically solve all the problems of our skin? Simply wish for something, and have it appear?

But the wishing well doesn’t work that way anymore (if it ever did).

However, fear not, modern age is here!

The one advantage of the modern age is that the solution for every skin problem you can think of has probably been invented. You just need to know where to look.

And somehow, you have stumbled on the modern version of the wishing well and in it, you’ve found the solution to your skin problems – exfoliants!

But what do they do?

Exfoliation – the Magic Behind the Process

Sugar scrub on woman's back

Many of us are probably familiar with this type of skin care, but haven’t tried it yet, or have been afraid to try something new. There is no reason to fret, since exfoliation is one of the best ways there is for helping the condition of your skin.

In a nutshell, there are two types of exfoliants – physical and chemical.

Each of them is used to remove the dead skin cells from the surface, the difference being in the way they are doing that. The physical exfoliants usually contain small particles or have a textured surface which physically remove the dead skin and other unwanted impurities from the surface. On the other hand, chemical exfoliants use, as the name itself says, chemical ingredients, such as acids or enzymes to dissolve the cells.

Physical exfoliants are a more natural way of keeping your skin clean. And you can’t go wrong with nature, right? Especially when it’s proven to have significant benefits.

The Benefits of Physical Exfoliation

It Helps with Acne

Removing dead skin has numerous advantages, one which is that you are giving your pores the chance to breathe by unclogging them. By relieving your skin from the burden of carrying all those impurities you are actually stopping them from entering deep into it and filling your pores thus preventing the blackheads and acne from appearing.

As people who struggle with acne know, they can be a pain to get rid of. But physical exfoliants have shown good results in this type of treatment.

This type of skin care is also beneficial for people who have dry skin, since they have more of the debris left behind in the skin regeneration process.

However, that being said, one thing is true – everything in moderation! As with many other things, it is not advisable to overdo it since scrubbing your face too much, for example, will harm your skin, not help it.

It Increases the Effectiveness of Other Products

There are several reasons why skin exfoliation should be one of your basic skin routines.

Apart from cleaning the skin, it helps other products you use to penetrate deeper, making them work more successfully.

You wouldn’t want to diminish the effect of your expensive skin products, now would you? And this is something that can definitely happen if you don’t remove the upper layer of dead skin. This layer can and will serve as an obstacle for them to do their magic.

Woman applying face cream

It Improves Cellular Health

By massaging your skin while using exfoliants, you are actually improving your skin circulation. That way, you are supplying it which much needed oxygen which will nourish it, and make you feel young and vibrant again.

It also serves to remove all the toxins your skin has been absorbing throughout the day, and that is a thing you may need the most.

Using exfoliants also improves the cell regeneration process. You will feel rejuvenated in no time, and your skin will get that wonderful glow you were dreaming about for so long.

Want to Look Younger? Exfoliate!

Exfoliating will make your face and body look younger and more vibrant.

Not to be too presumptuous or anything, but your skin may just look like in the good old days. You know, when we didn’t even care our skin care routine since it looked perfect all day, every day.

Ah, the good old days…

However, getting older does not mean our skin needs to look neglected and dull. Exfoliating will certainly revive your skin, taking years off!

What are the Best Physical Exfoliants?

As we have mentioned, physical exfoliation is a more natural way of taking care of your skin. Nature has provided people with help regarding our health and our appearance since the dawn of time.

So, it’s not unusual that we return to it when we’re in need, even in modern ages.

We are going to suggest a couple of exfoliants and help you restore the health of both your body and face.

The Reign Supreme of Exfoliation – Oatmeal

Oatmeal kernels on table

Apart from its numerous positive dietary health effects, oatmeal is also perfect for nurturing your skin and face. I

It is a common ingredient in many face and body scrubs because of its gentle abrasive nature. Namely, by scrubbing it gently onto your face, be that in the form of homemade mask or a product you bought at the store, you are effectively removing the dead surface layer from your skin.

And, since it is full of antioxidants and anti-inflammatory ingredients, rest assured you will not damage your skin. Instead, you will provide it with much needed care.

What makes oatmeal so special is the fact that it contains saponins which are a type of a natural cleanser and can help you get rid of those annoying blackheads!

It has a favorable effect for both dry and oily type of skin – for dry skin, as we said, because the dead cells clogging your pores, and for the oily skin because it can help absorb the extra oil from your face. This, as you already know, is very beneficial in the process of treating acne.

Corn Kernel Meal

Did you know that corn kernel meal can help you solve many different problems such as Athlete’s foot and greasy hair? It can also remove that awful oily carpet stain you have been staring at for a long time, unable to wash it with anything. (Who would have thought? No, really, who?)

As for your skin and face, this is one of the best exfoliants since it can remedy multiple skin problems you may have. Mix it with a bit of cold water and peanut butter and you get a perfect solution to your irritated skin, or even sunburn and skin allergies.

It is perfect for applying on your face because it is full of Vitamin A, which is responsible for pigmentation. That way, you will even out you complexion and get rid of any dark spots you may have trouble with. Since it contains a lot of calcium, it boost the skin’s regeneration process which will make your skin look younger and more radiant than ever.

It is especially advantageous for oily skin, as it absorbs excess oil from your skin, thus alleviating the problems you might have with acne. 

One of the best products that use corn kernel meal is OROGOLD’s White Gold 24K Classic Body Scrub Exfoliator. The best thing about it is that it is 100% organic (and in this day and age, we all know how important that is). Aside from corn kernel meal, it also contains many other ingredients that benefit your skin, such as aloe, argan oil, marigold, cucumber. All together, they smooth the effect of the exfoliator and nourish your skin. The most fascinating thing about this product is that it is very gentle, so you will not be in danger of irritating your skin nor experience any side-effects.


Something that you should definitely include not only in your skincare routine but also in your diet is, of course, the mighty almond.

It has been used for skin nourishment and as a dietary supplement for a long long (and we do mean long) time, so it is no wonder it is an essential ingredient of many skincare products.

It is rich in Vitamin E, antioxidants and omega-3 fatty acid, which make it perfect for all types of skin.

It will soothe all the inflammatory processes you have on your skin and nourish it back to health. The antioxidants clean your skin and help your pores remove all the dirt, so your skin can breathe.

If you thought that was it, as all of the other nuts, it boosts the production of collagen making your face look younger and fresher. As for any marks or discolorations, rest assured almond grains are going to solve that problem too.

If you are for in for a DIY experiment, just mix it with a bit of honey and milk and voilà, your face scrub is done! If you are not good at home-alone experimenting, just buy one of the many exfoliating products containing almond grains and we are sure you won’t regret it!


Woman using coffee scrub

Is there any problem that coffee cannot solve? (Says the millennial currently on their third cup.)

Not only is it your best friend in the morning when you are struggling to get your day going, but it can become a best friend to your body and face, too! 

How, you may wonder?

Well, using a coffee scrub while you shower makes your skin a lot softer. In the process of exfoliation it effectively removes the dead cells from the surface of your skin, while also improving the circulation. By doing that, it is enabling your skin to receive more oxygen and nutrients.

You may have heard that coffee is the main ingredient of many anti-cellulite cream because of the effect it has on your skin. By using it as an exfoliant, you will not only remove the imperfections you may have on your skin, but also lose weight. Many researches have shown that applying coffee ground on your skin can aid weight loss.

Also, a coffee scrub may help you reduce the puffiness under your eyes. Again, we have to wonder – is there anything coffee can’t do?

Baking soda

Yes, you heard it right! This kitchen essential can also serve as a fantastic way to clean and nourish your face and body!

The paste is very easy to make, you can just mix three parts baking soda and one part water and you will have the simplest yet the most effective way to clog out your pores and get smoother skin.

By massaging your face or body in circular motion, you will rub off dead skin cells without damaging or irritating your skin. You will feel the difference almost immediately. Your skin and face will become much softer and shinier than ever!

It can also be used for manicures and pedicures. It softens the area around your nails making cuticles the thing of the past. An excellent way to make a perfect DIY foot scrub is to make a mixture of baking soda, water and a few drops of lavender oil – that will certainly make you feel refreshed!

Now, if you expect some baking recipes, we have to disappoint you – we’re not great at baking, but we do know a thing or two about skin!

Physical exfoliants will help you with skin problems in many ways, but mostly because they are there to help your skin do what it normally does – regenerate and flourish. That’s why it might be a good idea to try them before resorting to some other options.