8 Ways to Fade and Hide Dark Spots on the Face

By |2019-04-17T23:33:24+00:00May 13, 2019|Skin Care|

Beauty is defined by different standards. There are those who view a tanned skin as the epitome of attractiveness. Similarly, having a lighter glowing and fair skin is the wish of many others. While the standards may vary, one thing is for sure, dark spots can [...]

How to Deal with Premature Signs of Aging

By |2018-05-18T12:09:46+00:00May 14, 2018|Skin Care|

Fine lines, wrinkles, age spots… Sooner or later, each and every of us will have to face these dreaded symptoms of maturing skin. And even though aging is inevitable, this doesn’t mean you can’t do your best to mitigate the already existing damage. Moreover, if you’ve [...]

Bad Habits to Ditch for Better Skin

By |2018-05-07T14:10:02+00:00April 30, 2018|Skin Care|

“ Stop ------ your -------!” Who among us has not grown up hearing some form of this sentence coming from a relative’s mouth? “Stop pulling your hair!” “Stop picking your nose!” “Stop cracking your knuckles!” “Stop biting your sister!” It was the soundtrack to most of [...]

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