13 Acne-Fighting Ingredients That Should Be In Your Skincare Products

By |2019-09-12T12:14:59+00:00September 16, 2019|Skin Care|

If you have suffered from acne at one time or another, you are not alone; the condition just happens to top the list of the most common skin conditions out there. Also known as acne vulgaris, acne is most common in the teenage years, the stage [...]

8 Skincare Ingredients That Will Be Trending in 2019

By |2019-01-02T02:30:03+00:00January 7, 2019|Skin Care|

By now, most of us probably have our own skincare regimen and have stuck to it for quite some time already. But, it is nearly 2019, and this is the perfect time to explore and discover new things, veer away from the mainstream and set new [...]

What Does Charcoal Do for the Skin?

By |2018-09-24T14:50:21+00:00September 17, 2018|Skin Care|

Charcoal is one of skincare's all-natural superstars. That’s right, the grey-black stuff we usually associate with entry-level art supplies could very well be your skin’s long-awaited lifesaver. It can benefit your skin in multitude of ways, from clearing your complexion to reducing signs of premature aging. [...]

Trending Skincare Ingredient: Matcha Green Tea Extract

By |2018-07-09T12:09:19+00:00July 9, 2018|Skin Care|

Matcha is considered to be quite the superfood, with just one serving of matcha tea boasting the nutritional equivalent of ten cups of regular green tea. As the incredible properties of matcha have become more widely known, matcha extract has been making its way into more [...]

Two Weeks with Lavelier Skincare and Here’s My Review

By |2018-05-09T13:20:34+00:00May 9, 2018|Product Reviews|

Finding a solution for the aging effects of smog, a dry climate, and the everyday stress of living on the skin is nearly impossible. I am always willing to try something new, if only to find the ‘one.’ Frying my long-ago teenage skin to fit into the Southern [...]

My Experience Using Bionyx Luxury Skincare

By |2018-05-09T13:19:51+00:00April 28, 2018|Product Reviews|

Trying new skin care products is always fun. New fresh cleansers and bubbly moisturizing masks are my favorites - my skin is always thirsty for a promising new product! Living in a sunny arid climate that can be fickle and turn damp and foggy on the same day, [...]

What’s the Korean Skin Care Hype All About?

By |2018-04-25T10:56:50+00:00April 16, 2018|Skin Care|

It’s the millennium and everything is very PC. We avoid stereotypes, we intermarry, we have spiritual unity, and we openly accept gay marriage. So, why do we still think the Asians possess a rare Eastern wisdom that no one else does? For example, the idea that [...]

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